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Femdom POV

Simone SPH

Cast: Simone | Duration: 08:41
Simone has seen some small cocks in her time but yours takes first prize. She takes great pleasure teaching you how to jerk off your small...
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Ass Worship Lesson

Cast: Tracy | Duration: 05:50
Tracy teaches you how to worship her beautiful ass. Don't you think that my bottom is the perfect shape to tease you with slave boy. Now I...
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You Are So Small

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:39
Last night when Natasha met you she put something in your drink to shrink you. Now you are so small and vulnerable. Natasha has always wanted...
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Small Penis Training

Cast: Nadia | Duration: 08:29
Nadia can see that you have probably never had sex in your life with the size of your cock. She has helped so many guys with small cocks in...
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Simone's Personal Slave 1

Cast: Simone | Duration: 02:24
Simone has you trapped in her toilet using you as her personal slave. Are you hungry slave she asks you invoking fear in your eyes. She...
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POV Face sitting With Natasha

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:38
Natasha uses your face as a cushion for her ass. She stands over you telling you how she is going to sit on you and take your breath away as...
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You Are A Loser

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:30
Come closer and look into my eyes, I want to hear you say that you are a piece of dirt, repeat it louder slave. You are nothing to me; just a...
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Taken By Natasha

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 13:01
Natasha has taken you and now you are real scared when you come around from the ordeal. She used a special ingredient to make you weak and...
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Small Penis Loser

Cast: Simone | Duration: 04:10
Come here for more humiliation have you, well you have come to the right place. Now show me that small penis that you have boy. Now I want you...
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Worship Simone's Feet

Cast: Simone | Duration: 06:32
Hello my little foot slave I see that you have come so smell my feet you dirty little foot sniffer. Now get down on your knees and kiss my...
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Take It For Me Slave

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 15:23
Natasha has a surprise for you. She wants you to take the dildo for her exactly as she instructs you. She then teases and torments you with...
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Amy Uses You

Cast: Amy | Duration: 15:54
Amy likes to use and abuse you for her evil pleasure. She certainly likes to humiliate you in this clip. She laughs at you because you still...
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