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Female Domination Clips

Amazon In Charge 6

Cast: Debbie | Duration: 08:50
Mistress Debbie really goes to work on her slave now. She kicks him constantly whilst he is down on his knees. She then takes her shoe and...
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Sadistic Guardess 7

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:24
Natasha tightens the rope very tight around her slaves cock the pulls him around. Just one problem he is tied to the ceiling so he can not go...
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Sadistic Guardess 6

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:59
Natasha uses pliers on her slaves nipples making him beg for mercy then she uses them on his cock threatening to cut his cock off. She then...
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Sadistic Guardess 5

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 04:59
Natasha likes to ass probe and slaps the slave for squeezing his cheeks as she places her stick up his ass, the slave really cries whilst she...
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Sadistic Guardess 4

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:28
Natasha rubs some cream onto the slaves cock as it is sore. He thinks that he may be in for a treat but only receives a sharp slap on his...
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Sadistic Guardess 3

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 08:32
Natasha starts by first tickling the slave penis head then hammers it with her hand delivering hard blows to it. She grabs his cock in a vice...
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Sadistic Guardess 2

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:23
Natasha places a rope around the slaves neck and pulls very tight, just look at his face and see how red he goes. She then slaps his cock very...
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Sadistic Guardess 1

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:35
Natasha is so at home in this role. She takes great delight teasingly pulling on her long black shiny gloves. She then slaps her prisoner a...
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Make Me Cum 2

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:25
Get that tongue deep inside my pussy slave. faster slave you are my personal liker slave. Now lick my ass hole Natasha spreads her cheeks with...
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Complete Control

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 10:41
This is a wicked clip. I am squashing my slaves neck with my knee so he can hardly breath. Making gasping sounds and going very red in the...
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Make Me Cum 1

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:37
Natasha explains to her slave how she is going to use his tongue to make her cum and also lick her ass hole as this gives her great pleasure....
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Stocking Control

Cast: Amy | Duration: 06:35
Amy's slave is bound lying on the floor in her basement. She plays a very cruel game with him. She takes a pair of her pantyhose and wraps it...
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