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Female Domination Clips

Cruel Guardess Whipping 1

Cast: Simone | Duration: 06:06
This is the first in a series of three clips that consist of a very brutal whipping at the hands of Simone. If you like very severe whippings...
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Pain Game

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:38
Natasha grabs her slaves jaw in both hands then asks him if he has ever had his jaw broke as she starts to show him her strength pulling it...
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Cruel Guardess Whipping 3

Cast: Simone | Duration: 07:59
This is the third and last clip in this brutal whipping series. Still not content that the slave has suffered enough Simone keeps whipping him...
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Kicked & Whipped

Cast: Effigy | Duration: 08:23
Imagine a chameleon like domina with the body and face of an angel and an IQ off the chart who can take over your mind with her smile and...
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No Mercy Slapping

Cast: Tracy | Duration: 03:14
Tracy tells her slave that it makes her feel hot when she sees him in pain. You do want me to feel hot don't you slave she tells him. She then...
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Clean My Ass

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 04:53
Natasha has her slave helpless under her ass. She looks over her shoulder to make sure he is licking her ass hole. Lick my dirty ass hole...
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Suffer Slave 1

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:40
Natasha likes to show off how strong her grip is. She demonstrates on her slaves throat making him suffer for her. She also applies her hand...
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Training My Personal Slave 1

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:08
Natasha takes off her soiled panties and puts then into her slaves mouth. This way he will get used to the taste and the smell of her hot...
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Suffer Slave 2

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 08:21
Natasha starts by slapping the slave then spits into his mouth. She has been smothering him with her breasts asking him if he likes her...
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Nadia's Cruel Whip 1

Cast: Nadia | Duration: 07:14
How can someone so beautiful be so cruel you may ask after watching this clip. She whips her slave with a cruel passion. Just look at the...
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