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Foot Worship Clips

I Like To Watch You Sniff

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 03:44
Come closer foot slave, I know you are addicted to my stocking feet. Your role in life is to worship my feet. Now sniff my smelly feet you...
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Severe Sweaty Feet Gagging

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 008:41
I really loved making this clip. I make sure that I have very smelly feet for my slave. I make him smell my sweat then make him taste it. My...
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Mesmerized By My Feet

Cast: Amy | Duration: 12:12
You have made an appointment to stop smoking with Amy. Unfortunately Amy has other ideas about turning you into her foot slave. She takes...
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Cemented In My Floor

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 05:09
So how does it feel being cemented in my floor? You did apply to be my foot slave didn't you, even thought you didn't expect this. This is...
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Your New Position

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 06:32
You are probably wondering what has happened to you right now. You cannot move, only your eyes and mouth can move. Well last night I was...
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Show My Feet Respect

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 07:38
You know that you are here to worship my feet. Get down on your knees and show my feet the respect they deserve. This is where you belong on...
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Mesmerize Foot Slave

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 12:45
I will teach you how to worship my feet by enslaving you to them through my special technique. You will have to concentrate, and listen to my...
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Under Teachers Desk

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:47
Natasha is your teacher and you are under her desk where you belong. You have a view of her feet as she torments you with them. She wriggles...
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I Am Your Foot Goddess

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 10:02
Come close my little foot sniffer and smell my beautiful stocking feet that have had my smelly shoes on them all day long. Kneel down and...
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Smell Them Boy

Cast: Nadia | Duration: 05:27
Nadia takes great pleasure making you smell her feet. She makes you get real close then she opens her toes so that you get the entire smelly...
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Lick My Boots Now Boy

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 06:45
Now boy show me your tongue as you will be needing that. I have dirty boots that I need you to clean. I have my whip in my hand so I will give...
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Down At Your Owners Feet

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 06:05
Get down boy, down at my feet is where you belong. Stick out your tongue I want to see my shoes very shiny is that clear boy. Keep licking eat...
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