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You Dirty Little Boy


I am your head Mistress. I have asked you to come around after hours and you are very surprised to see me the way that I am dressed. It has been reported to me that you have been masturbating to dvds and porn mags found in your room. I think its time you looked at a real woman and masturbated don't you boy. Now take out that little cock of yours you dirty wanker boy. Whilst you are looking at me start to wank your cock, maybe I will mark you out of 10 you dirty boy. Now look at my soft breasts, would you like to feel them or maybe put your cock between them? Have you masturbated over me before boy, well have you! Keep jerking that cock boy do it like I show you as you know the rules in my school you obey. Now I want you to cum when I count to 5 so make sure you do or I will have to punish you boy.