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Natasha Wants Your Cum

Cast: Natasha   Categories: JOI   Duration: 14:31


Natasha will have your cock aching to cum in this clip. She starts by telling you that she wants you both to play together. She tells you how to masturbate then starts masturbating herself. This makes you even more excited as you watch her masturbate. She shows you how she likes her nipples sucked and licked playing with it in her fingers. I know how much you want to stick your cock inside me in my pussy then in my tight ass. Rub your cock as I show you wetting your fingers like I do. Now watch me stick my finger inside me this could be your cock. She then licks all her juice from her fingers telling you to wank your cock harder. As she brings you to a very teasing climax she wants you to cum on her breasts. She comes right up close to the camera with her breasts and orders you to cum on them.