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Teacher Humiliates You
Coming: July 17, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 08:36
Natasha is your teacher in humiliation and you are her student. She takes great pleasure in degrading you. She enjoys...
Sniffing Lesson
Coming: July 18, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 06:39
Nadia is going to give you a foot sniffing lesson that you will not forget in a hurry. This is a rare opportunity for...
Talk To My Ass
Coming: July 19, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 05:43
You are on your knees looking at Nadia's ass. She is going to teach you how to respect it. Her ass is much more...
Worship My Superior Ass
Coming: July 20, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 04:36
Nadia loves nothing better than humiliating you. She looks down on you telling you that you are not worthy of her. In...
Punished By Heels 3
Coming: July 21, 2024
Cast: Tracy  Dominique | Duration: 10:05
Tracy stomps his body whilst Dominique lifts his head to watch close up to what is happening to him. Dominique takes off...
Punished By Heels 4
Coming: July 22, 2024
Cast: Tracy  Dominique | Duration: 10:05
Dominique stands on his throat showing him how easy it is to control his air supply. She takes great pleasure cutting...
Punished By Heels 5
Coming:July 23, 2024
Cast: Tracy  Dominique | Duration: 07:51
Dominique now uses her bare feet to make him suffer under her feet. She takes all his air away by standing on his...
Under Nadia 1
Coming: July 24, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 05:10
Mistress Nadia likes to see her slave squirm beneath her feet. She tells him that he is like a cockroach that needs to...
Under Nadia 2
Coming: July 25, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 05:11
Nadia laughs at her slaves face changing as she stands full weight on his face with her heels. Look at my feet slave she...
Under Nadia 3
Coming: July 26, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 06:59
With her heel in her slaves mouth she tells the slave that her feet owns his mouth. She really enjoys stomping his face...
Under Nadia 4
Coming: July 27, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 05:57
Whilst standing on him she asks if he thinks her shoes are sexy, he responds yes. Nadia then says she thinks they will...
To The Limit 2
Coming: July 28, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 10:05
Mistress Sabriel just loves seeing her slave worship her feet. She likes to grind her feet all over his slave face. She...
To The Limit 3
Coming: July 29, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 10:05
More bare foot trample from Sabriel. She has a thing for throat and face crushing as you will see in this clip. She...
To The Limit 4
Coming: July 30, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 10:05
More very cruel face and throat standing by Mistress Sabriel. She now jumps with both feet onto his poor face. Wow you...
To The Limit 5
Coming: July 31, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 10:05
Very brutal high heel trampling from Mistress Sabriel. Great cock and ball stomping and kicking from this cruel goddess....
To The Limit 6
Coming: August 1, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 10:05 ]
Mistress Sabriel finishes off her slave with high heel jumping, making him cry out in pain. This only makes Sabriel...
Domina 2
Coming: August 2, 2024
Cast: Domina | Duration: 10:11
A beautiful display of face and neck trampling by this beautiful Mistress Domina. He slaver is totally helpless under...
Debbie Foot Smother 1
Coming: August 3, 2024
Cast: Debbie | Duration: 05:15
Mistress Debbie likes having her slave at her feet. After rubbing her feet on his face she places a stocking in the...
Debbie Foot Smother 2
Coming: August 4, 2024
Cast: Debbie | Duration: 06:27
Mistress Debbie continues the smothering with her feet over the taped mouthed slave. She takes her shoes off in this...
Princess Of Pain 2 pt 1
Coming: August 5, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 09:56
The most severe trample Goddess that we have come across is back in this series. She treats her slave like a piece of...
Princess Of Pain 2 pt 2
Coming: August 6, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 09:58
Sabriel crunches his cock and balls in this clip showing no mercy at all. She is an expert in placing her heel on his...
Princess Of Pain 2 pt 3
Coming: August 7, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 14:53
The cock torment continues as Sabriel traps his balls between her foot and her shoe crushing them without mercy just for...
Princess Of Pain 2 pt 4
Coming: August 8, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 08:33
Mistress Sabriel now dressed in her sexy dominatrix outfit kicks away at his helpless balls causing him severe pain....
Princess Of Pain 2 pt 5
Coming: August 9, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 08:33
More cruel body and cock trampling by Mistreass Sabriel. How the slaves throat manages to stay intact with her full...
Princess Of Pain 2 pt 6
Coming: August 10, 2024
Cast: Sabriel | Duration: 08:22
Total cock destruction by Sabriel. His cock is trapped in the cock box as this merciless Mistress JUMPS WITH BOTH FEET...
Nadia's Cruel Whip 2
Coming: August 11, 2024
Cast: Nadia | Duration: 09:14
Carrying on from part one Nadia takes great pleasure in whipping her slave. You just have to look at her facial...
Amy's New Toy
Coming: August 12, 2024
Cast: Amy | Duration: 06:29
Amy likes to whip her new toy that she has tied up in her basement. She takes great pleasure having a slave bound and at...
Lick My Boyfriends Cum
Coming: August 13, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:45
Natasha likes to humiliate her slave. She starts by giving her slave a special tablet that stops him from cuming. It is...
Wicked Boots
Coming: August 14, 2024
Cast: Simone | Duration: 05:09
Simone has her wicked boots on and she is going to make her slave suffer under them. She starts to stand on him then...
Interrogation 1
Coming: August 15, 2024
Cast: Nadia  Natasha | Duration: 06:37
These two interrogators need to know a code but the guy will not talk. Nadia starts to apply HOM whilst Natasha pulls...
Interrogation 2
Coming: August 16, 2024
Cast: Nadia  Natasha | Duration: 07:16
These two really enjoy tormenting him just look how red he goes without any oxygen. As he suffers from oxygen...
Cruel Guardess Whipping 1
Coming: August 17, 2024
Cast: Simone | Duration: 06:06
This is the first in a series of three clips that consist of a very brutal whipping at the hands of Simone. If you like...
Cruel Guardess Whipping 2
Coming: August 18, 2024
Cast: Simone | Duration: 05:37
You will see Simone beating her slave so hard that she broke her crop on his back. Never mind she says as she reaches...
Cruel Guardess Whipping 3
Coming: August 19, 2024
Cast: Simone | Duration: 07:59
This is the third and last clip in this brutal whipping series. Still not content that the slave has suffered enough...
No Mercy Slapping
Coming: August 20, 2024
Cast: Tracy | Duration: 03:14
Tracy tells her slave that it makes her feel hot when she sees him in pain. You do want me to feel hot don't you slave...
Clean My Ass
Coming: August 21, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 04:53
Natasha has her slave helpless under her ass. She looks over her shoulder to make sure he is licking her ass hole. Lick...
Suffer Slave 1
Coming: August 22, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:40
Natasha likes to show off how strong her grip is. She demonstrates on her slaves throat making him suffer for her. She...
Training My Personal Slave 1
Coming: August 23, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:08
Natasha takes off her soiled panties and puts then into her slaves mouth. This way he will get used to the taste and the...
Domina 5
Coming: August 24, 2024
Cast: Domina | Duration: 10:11
More brutal ball kicking from Mistress Domina then she attacks his face again with her heels. his poor face is having a...
Natasha's Spittoon
Coming: August 25, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:33
Natasha tells her slave that he is going to be her spittoon as she has been saving a lot of spit up for him. She laughs...
Suffer Slave 2
Coming: August 26, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 08:21
Natasha starts by slapping the slave then spits into his mouth. She has been smothering him with her breasts asking him...
Punished Shoe Sniffer
Coming: August 27, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:45
Natasha caught her slave boy sniffing her shoes whilst wanking himself. This did not go down too well with her as you...
Amy Brutal Face Slapping
Coming: August 28, 2024
Cast: Amy | Duration: 05:45
Amy comes home after work and is in a mean mood, looking for away to get rid of her anger. This is where the poor slave...
Dehumanized Ass Sniffer
Coming: August 29, 2024
Cast: Dominique | Duration: 03:34
Sniff my ass slave you filthy little creature. You are not a human you are just a thing a sub human thing. Now kiss my...
Debbie Smothers
Coming: August 30, 2024
Cast: Debbie | Duration: 08:00
Mistress Debbie smothers her slave using her ass and HOM for her amusement. She tells him that he is privileged to be...
Wicked Tease
Coming: August 31, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:11
Natasha just loves to tease cock but she also likes to play rough. She asks the slave if he wants to cum oh yes he says,...
Your Cock Is Mine
Coming: September 1, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 09:50
Natasha torments her slave telling him that his cock belongs to her and her only, she owns it. She teases his cock then...
Coming: September 2, 2024
Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:15
Natasha plays a wicked game with her slave. She tells him that she is going to make him cum but if he does she will...