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Amy Uses You Day 2

Cast: Amy | Duration: 05:27
Amy teases you whilst you are chained up inside her toilet. You have been here now for twelve hours and she knows that you are thirsty.
Added: March 18, 2023

My Ass Slave

Cast: Amy | Duration: 08:54
You know that I am too good for you don't you. But you still come around to see me so that I can amuse my self with you as I like to use and...
Added: March 17, 2023

Brutal SPH

Cast: Nadia  Natasha | Duration: 06:14
If you crave to be humiliated about your penis you will be left totally drained after Nadia and Natasha totally humiliate you. They have a...
Added: March 16, 2023

I Shrink You

Cast: Dominique | Duration: 09:40
Hello little man.Wow you are very small now. Look how tiny I made you, do you remember last night when I brought you back here. You thought...
Added: March 15, 2023

Amy Uses You Day 1

Cast: Amy | Duration: 05:11
Amy has imprisoned you, you are now bound and chained to serve as her personal ass wipe for however long she decides. You are totally helpless...
Added: March 14, 2023

Personal Slave Show Off

Cast: Nadia  Natasha | Duration: 07:19
Natasha has you chained and cemented into her bowl for over a week now. She wants to humiliate even more by showing you off to her friend...
Added: March 13, 2023

Agonizing Milking

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 13:12
Natasha gives her slave a special tablet that is normally used for premature ejaculation. This makes for an extremely painful jerking as you...
Added: March 11, 2023

Cock Torment 3

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:28
Natasha carries on with her slaves cock torment. She slaps his cock over and over then pulls it hard. She ties the head of his cock up then...
Added: March 10, 2023

Cock Torment 2

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:10
Natasha carries on tormenting her slaves cock, rubbing it with her feet and hands whilst her slave is helpless and bound. She also cling wraps...
Added: March 9, 2023

Cock Torment 1

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 07:15
Natasha keeps teasing her slaves cock then smacking it. He is not allowed to cum. She has him wrapped in plastic so that he cannot escape. He...
Added: March 8, 2023

Do Not Cum

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 08:59
Natasha knows how to tease a cock and she does ever so wickedly in this clip. Natasha puts her foot in her slaves mouth and tells him to lick...
Added: March 7, 2023

Cock Teasing Duo

Cast: Imogen  Dominique | Duration: 08:57
Mistress & Imogen have their slave on the floor smelling Mistresses feet whilst Imogen Torments & Teases his cock with some nice...
Added: March 6, 2023

Tease And Denial Prison Style

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 08:43
Tease and denial in prison is no fun at all. You should see the look on the prisoners face as Natasha puts on a boxing glove saying that she...
Added: March 5, 2023

Classroom Milking Exam

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 11:11
Natasha's student is in a exam, he seems stuck on a question about the male reproducing system. Natasha wants him to pass the exam so she...
Added: March 4, 2023

Pervert Gets Punished 2

Cast: Tracy | Duration: 06:44
Tracy carries on beating her prisoner from part 1, making him admit that he is a dirty pervert. She tells him that she wants to hear him...
Added: March 3, 2023

Pervert Gets Punished 1

Cast: Tracy | Duration: 06:03
Bad boys deserve to be punished Tracy tells her dirty pervert. She takes great pleasure dishing out punishment to this dirty pervert. You will...
Added: March 2, 2023

Ass Teacher

Cast: Natasha | Duration: 05:45
Remember being at school when you were perving on the teachers ass. Well this student gets caught by the teacher so she exploits it. She...
Added: March 1, 2023

Nadia Face Slapping

Cast: Nadia | Duration: 06:25
Nadia decides to slap a prisoners face very hard, as this is a good exercise for her and will teach the prisoner a lesson. She slaps him full...
Added: February 28, 2023


Cast: Natasha | Duration: 06:34
I loved making this clip as it has all the things in it that I like. I slap my slave hard very hard then spit all over his face. I even...
Added: February 27, 2023

Amy Slaps Her Prisoner

Cast: Amy | Duration: 05:11
Amy took this guy prisoner after meeting him on the net, he was looking for a cute Asian girl but boy did he get it wrong. He is now her...
Added: February 26, 2023